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Selective plating – DALISTICK D.2000 mobile station

The DALISTICK D.2000 station is a device for selective application of galvanic coatings. Work is done under known and strictly controlled conditions. You can freely adjust the temperature, flow and use of electrolyte. The whole process is controlled according to the charge, current or voltage. It is also important to work in a closed circuit and use small volume baths, which consequently means small losses of electrolyte. DALISTICK is capable of performing machining limited to functional zones without electrolyte leaking. Its great advantage is operation in any position, from vertical and horizontal planes to edges or even openings with a minimum radius of 100mm. In spite of the broad application, any machining must be evaluated beforehand to establish whether it is possible for the particular element/piece. 

At the moment we offer the following coatings: cadmium, anodizing in sulfuric acid, zinc, zinc-nickel, hard nickel and chromium (flash layer, i.e. thin-layer chromium).

These are not all the available types of coating. It is possible to make other, unusual coatings, such as gilding or platinum. This, however, requires the purchase of relevant preparations (at the Customer’s request).
The main task of the station is to repair the damaged coating on the workpiece without dismantling it, for example, from structure or in hard-to-reach areas. Importantly, the resulting coating shows properties comparable to those obtained under standard conditions, i.e., in application baths. Depending on the choice of process parameters and conditions, the coating colour can be similar to the colour of whole surface.
Surfaces do not delaminate or crack at the place of connection between the old and the new coating. There is no contraction between them.
In addition, cadmium plating using the DALISTICK technology does not lead to hydrogenation of parts, and therefore there is no need to heat them in order to remove any hydrogen embrittlement.