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Turning and milling

We offer precision turning of various types of products using universal and CNC lathes.
  • turning length – 1000 mm;
  • turning diameter over bed – 500 mm.
We offer milling services using conventional machine tools and CNC machines in metal and plastics with:
  • traverses up to 1000 mm
  • cross traverses up to 540 mm
  • maximum height of machined workpieces: 620 mm

We offer CNC turning and milling of workpieces up to 800 mm long and up to 410 mm in diameter, as well as super-fast CNC turning of fine products using an automatic lathe with bar feeder and milling capability for L=180 mm anddiameters up to 20 mm.
We provide precision CNC milling using 5-axis machining centres.


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