Gain a superpower. Become Santa Claus!

At the end of October we started in our Company a preparation for the charity action “Gain
a superpower. Become Santa Claus”. The purpose of it was to support children from the Narnia Community Centre in Bydgoszcz. Children in care of the Centre wrote letters to Santa Claus in which they described their dream presents. Then our staff, throughout November, became Santa Claus brave helpers and gathered beautiful gifts for the kids.

The collected gifts were handed over to the children on 6th of December 2018 (St. Nicholas Day) by Szymon Dankowski – the Vice-president of the Board of Directors of WZL No. 2 S.A. and the employees of the PR Department. Together we sang carols and indulged ourselves with sweets prepared by the never-failing employees of the Narnia Community Centre. It was a lovely St. Nicholas afternoon.