Military Paint Shop

The Military Paint Shop Department performs wet coating services: applying coatings on suspension systems and military aircraft of the Polish Armed Forces such as:

  • MiG-29, Su-22, F-16 and C-130, using special camouflage paints recommended by aircraft manufacturers,
  • painting of airport and hangar equipment,
  • painting of large vehicles,
  • painting of equipment and components.

Each coating process can include customised operations. We offer:

  • chemical removal of old coatings,
  • removal of coatings by blasting: selective removal of the paint coating using PMB (Plastic Media Blasting) system in-hangar or using mobile equipment,
  • dulling of old paint coating,
  • applying primer to a cleaned surface or applying conversion chromate coating,
  • applying temporary undercoats,
  • applying topcoat enamel.

The Paint Shop Department consists of four hangars designed for surface coating and preparation, depending on additional equipment, with the following dimensions: width: 21 m, length: 23/30 m, height: 8 m:

  • two hangars are designed for painting workpieces in open coating cabins and a closed dust-free cabin-dryer where the drying process takes place using endothermic heating, and an IR autoclave for drying of workpieces,
  • two hangars for painting aircraft and workpieces.

Three hangars are equipped with a humidification system based on demi water. The process of applying paint to the aircraft and drying is monitored by thermohygrometers, which register the conditions of painting and drying 24 hours a day in the form of temperature and relative humidity records. The Quality Control Department supervises the process compliance with documentation.


Piotr Kochanowski
Paint Shop Manager