Plasma Spraying

Nowadays regeneration process of certain aircraft engine details with plasma spraying is indispensable. For the purpose of restoring those parts metallic and ceramic materials are applied as anti-wear and abradable coatings. Thermal spray process is performed by plasma gun with high-powered jet of ionized argon and hydrogen to melt metallic powders. Plasma spraying workstations are semi-automatic.

The thermal spray process has been used at the plant since 1992 and has been developed ever since due to increasing number of parts that need that kind of technology. WZL Nr 2 S.A. also has a certified laboratory that can test quality of layers with a modern control and measurement equipment. In order to ensure the highest quality of production, we fulfill AS9100 and NADCAP standards.

Since 2010, WZL Nr 2 S.A. has participated in the production process of the GE90 and GEnX-2B PIP – nozzle guide vanes to low pressure turbine of engines powering Boeing 777, 747 and 787.


Our offer is directed not only to the aerospace industry, but also to the metallurgical, energy, machinery, automotive and military sector. We are prepared to restore engine components through the application of various kinds of coatings with atmospheric plasma spray. WZL Nr 2 is also capable of complex mechanical processing of applied coatings.


  • cooperation with Avio Polska (Avio S.p.A.),
  • more than 20 000 parts coated,
  • military anti-wear, diffusion and abradable coatings for Polish Air Force.