Corporate Documents

All certified management systems are subject to uniform supervision by the Management System Office, thus creating a unique integrated system responsible for quality management in aviation, national defence and environmental management.

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#Norm/RegulationCertificate nameSince
1.PART-145 Nr PL.145.015Approved service organisation1997
2.ISO 9001Quality management systems2004
3.AQAP 2110NATO requirements for quality management2004
4.NCAGE Nr 0355HNATO code for a national economic entity2003
5.WSKInternal special qualified trading control system2003
6.KONCESJA Nr B-031/2003Trade in products for military use2003
7.AS 9100Aviation and aerospace industry2008
8.ISO 14001Environmental management system2009
9.PART M/GApproved organisation of continuing airworthiness management2011
10.AQAP 2110 Bdg CentralaCertificate AQAP 2110:2016 Centrala2022
11.AQAP 2110 BdgCertificate AQAP 2110:2016 Bydgoszcz2022
12.AQAP 2110 WwaCertificate AQAP 2110:2016 Warszawa2022
13.AQAP 2110 ZielonkaCertificate AQAP 2110:2016 Zielonka2022
14.ISO 9001 BdgCertificate ISO 9001:2015 Bydgoszcz2022
15.ISO 9001 CentralaCertificate ISO 9001:2015 Centrala2022
16.ISO 9001 WwaCertificate ISO 9001:2015 Warszawa2022
17.ISO 9001 ZielonkaCertificate ISO 9001:2015 Zielonka2022
18.ISO 14001 BdgCertificate ISO 14001:2015 Bydgoszcz2022
19.WSK BdgCertificate WSK Bydgoszcz2022
20.WSK WwaCertificate WSK Warszawa2022