Jet Engine Test Center

Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 2 S.A. has two engine test cells that are used to conduct production, operating and control tests after repairs and overhaul of aerial propulsion systems for both military and commercial aircraft.

Test cell for testing of Russian aircraft

Station no. 1 is dedicated to testing engines used in Russian aircraft serving in the Polish Army. Currently these are: AL-21F3 engine used in a Soviet variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber Su-22 and RD-33 engine used in jet fighter aircraft MiG-29.

Test cell for testing of military and commercial aircraft

Station no.2 is very sophisticated facility which stands out in aviation business worldwide. Facility can be used to test new generation jet engines with a mass air-flow up to 600 kg/sec and maximum thrust of 330 kN.

do   0   kN

(75 000 LBF)


do   0   kg/s

(1 433 LB/S)