The scope of the Laboratory’s operations includes:

  • checking and calibration of measurement instruments for the purposes of Military Aviation Works No. 2,
  • checking and calibration of measurement instruments for external customers,
  • measurement of workpieces and products manufacturing at Military Aviation Works No. 2
  • examination of materials and characteristics of products for the purposes of manufacturing at Military Aviation Works No.2.

Metrology Department offices meet the local and environmental requirements in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005. The control and measurement equipment is updated on a regular basis. Supervision of equipment is met by the practical application of the recommendations of the following standards: PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005; PN-ISO 10012:2004


The laboratory has an implemented quality assurance system certified by the Military Metrology Centre (No. LM24/2016) in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Every interested customer has full access to the Quality Manual developed in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and to the set of procedures.


The laboratory also possesses all the licenses resulting from the quality system certificates held by Military Aviation Works No. 2 in the field of supervision of measurement and control equipment.


The personnel responsible for calibration and verification consists of individuals professionally trained, with individual meteorological qualifications (IUM) assigned by the Director of the Military Metrology Centre.


The laboratory is member no. 472 of POLLAB Polish Testing and Research Laboratories Club. Participation in the activity of the club facilitates the exchange of experience and information on quality, accreditation and certification management systems among the members. The membership facilitates the arrangement of interlaboratory comparative research, promotes and propagates the practical experience of club members and therefore also of the laboratory staff.


Instruments for measuring length and angle

Watch horizontally

Lp.Name of the measuring devicePrice (PLN)
1. Inch dial gauge up to 1 “120,00
2. Inch dial gauge above 1″160,00
3.Dial gauge up to 10 mm 80,00
4.Dial gauge above 10 mm up to 25 mm110,00
5.Dial gauge above 25 mm150,00
6.Micrometer gauge80,00
7.Caliper depth gauge45,00
8.Dial thickness gauge70,00
9.Universal /optical/ Altimeter80,00
10.Steel angle bar50,00
11.Knife edgey70,00
12.Micrometer up to 25 mm60,00
13.Micrometer above 100 mm up to 500 mm100,00
14.Micrometer above 25 mm up to 100 mm70,00
15.Rigid and semi-rigid double sided rule up to 1m50,00
16.Rigid and semi-rigid single sided rule up to 1m30,00
17.Slide caliper up to 150 mm40,00
18.Slide caliper above 150 mm up to 250 mm50,00
19.Slide caliper above 250 mm up to 500 mm60,00
20.Slide caliper above 500 mm up to 1000 mmm100,00
21.Feeler gauge (1 leaf)6,00
22. Dial bore gauge up to 50 mm (set)170,00
23.Dial bore gauge above 50 mm (set)200,00
24.Micrometer bore gauge (1 piece)100,00
25.Micrometer height gauge80,00
26.Caliper height gauge up to 250 mm60,00
27.Caliper height gauge above 250 mm70,00
28.Refused calibration – verification15,00
During the whole process of overhaul of elements and sub-assemblies of the aircraft engine measurements are performed to confirm correctness of execution of individual operations. To perform measurements, universal measuring tools as well as special tools and instruments are applied. In special situations measurements are performed using coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Measurements are realized using spindles equipped with touch probes or using the telecentric camera. Rooms for performing inspections are equipped with air conditioners assuring maintaining constant temperature and humidity conforming to requirements.
The metrological laboratory exists in WZL-4 since 1951, initially as the Chamber of Measurements, then the Central Metrological Laboratory at Lotnicze Zakłady Remontowe Nr 4 in Warsaw (this name was in force until 1982).

At present the Company Metrological Laboratory of Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 4 S.A. (since 2008) operates in the framework of internal management and control system. It controls monitoring and measuring devices and instruments applied in production processes.

Monitoring and measuring instruments applied for inspections and tests are conforming to obligatory legal requirements, are calibrated in domestic and foreign accredited laboratories and acknowledged national institutions.

We has experienced, competent employees performing verification of measuring devices, and tests in the following workshops:

  1. The Workshop of Measurements of Slip Gauges,
  2. The Workshop of Measurements of Length and Angle,
  3. The Workshop of Measurements of Pressure and Temperature,
  4. The Workshop of Measurements of Electric and Electronic Tools,
  5. The Workshop of Measurements of Force Tools and Mechanical Properties of Materials,
  6. The X-ray Defectoscopy Workshop,
  7. The Chemical Workshop.
The offer for verification of devices, performing tests and chemical analyses
The Workshop of Measurements of Slip Gauges
  • Slip gauges made of steel, rectangular cross-section class 1 , class 2 (measurement range from 0,5 mm to 100 mm).
The Workshop of Measurements of Length and Angle
  • Dial gauges of the measurement range up to 100 mm,
  • electronic,
  • mechanical.

Micrometer devices:

  • external micrometers of the measurement range from 0 mm to 1000 mm,
  • internal micrometers of the measurement range from 5 mm to 55 mm,
  • two-point bore gauges,
  • three-point bore gauges,
  • depth gauges,
  • micrometer heads.

Micrometer sensor devices:

  • transameters,
  • micrometers with built-in sensor,
  • bore gauges with dial gauges.

Vernier caliper devices:

  • calipers,
  • height measuring instruments.
Feeler gauges, plug gauges.
Digital and analog protractors.
Squares, measuring rules, v-grooves.
The Workshop of Measurements of Pressure and Temperature
Analog and digital instruments for measuring pressure of the range from -0,9 MPa to 40 MPa:
  • utility spring manometers,
  • inspection spring manometers,
  • vacumometers,
  • altimeters WD-20,
  • pressure converters.

Instruments for measuring temperature

Analog and digital of the range from 30 °C to 150 °C (ultrathermostat); from 30 °C do 500 °C
(calibration oven):

  • measuring instruments – thermometers, resistance thermometers, and with thermos-elements,
  • resistance temperature regulators, and with thermos-elements,
  • resistance temperature recorders, and with thermos-elements,
  • utility thermometers verified using the comparison method,
  • manometric thermometers,
  • resistance thermometers sensors,
  • thermo-elements.
The Workshop of Measurements of Electric and Electronic Tools

The range of measurements: current to 20 A; voltage to 1000 V; resistance to 1000 MΩ.

Analog and digital instruments for measuring electric properties:
  • calibrators U,I AC,DC,
  • multimeters U,I,R,
  • measuring instruments U,I,
  • measuring instruments, testers of insulation,
  • resistance boxes,
  • AC,DC power supplies.
The Workshop of Measurements of Force Tools and Mechanical Properties of Materials
Manual dynamometer tools:
  • torque wrenches from 0,5 Nm to 1000 Nm,
Measuring of strength:
  • tensile tests,
  • testing of slings, traverses.
The X-ray Defectoscopy Workshop

Making radiograms on the radiographic film or in digital form of soldered and welded connections of wires, aircraft elements and other materials.

The Chemical Workshop

Manufacturing of glues, seals, pastes, and chemical analyses.

Shortened analyses of:
  • fuel,
  • oils,
  • acid, chromium and cyanide-alkaline galvanic bathes.