The laboratory of Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze No. 2 S.A. in Bydgoszcz, due to its services for the Ministry of National Defence, is subject to substantive and certificatory supervision of the Military Centre of Metrology. Acting by authority of the Military Centre of Metrology, the laboratory has implemented the Quality Assurance System in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 – “General requirements concerning competences of research and calibration laboratories” which was confirmed by a certificate no. LM 24.


Apart from the requirements of the Military Centre of Metrology, the laboratory has to fulfill general standard requirements which are effective in the country and abroad. The requirements involve series of tasks which have to be performed in agreement and cooperation with other laboratories – it primarily relates to multilateral comparisons between laboratories, personnel proficiency tests, independent audits, maintenance of measurement consistency of the measurement equipment and patterns, etc. 


The scope of laboratory activities:


  • checking and calibration of measurement instruments for the purposes of WZL No. 2,
  • checking and calibration of measurement instruments for external customers,
  • measurement of workpieces and products manufactured at WZL No. 2,
  • check of materials and characteristics of products for the purposes of manufacturing at WZL No. 2. especially:
    - check of materials and material connections by performing endurance tests on the ZWICK equipment (10 T), i.e. breaking material samples, breaking bonded connections such as metal-rubber-metal, breaking stitched connections, breaking of cables, etc.
    - Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness and microhardness tests.

Currently, laboratory performs calibration of instruments and measurement stands in the following measurement areas divided in workshops:


A) length and angle,

B) pressure,

C) temperature and humidity,

D) strength and torque,

E) radioelectronic,

F) electric volumes.


Metrology Department offices meet the local and environmental requirements in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025. The laboratory also possesses all the licenses resulting from the quality system certificates held by Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze No. 2 in the field of supervision of measurement and control equipment.

The personnel responsible for calibration and verification consists of individuals professionally trained, with individual meteorological qualifications (IUM) assigned by the Director of the Military Metrology Centre. Currently, the laboratory employs 11 metrologists.
During the whole process of overhaul of elements and sub-assemblies of the aircraft engine, measurements are performed to confirm correctness of execution of individual operations. To perform measurements, universal measuring tools as well as special tools and instruments are applied. In special situations measurements are performed using coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Measurements are realized using spindles equipped with touch probes or using the telecentric camera. Rooms for performing inspections are equipped with air conditioners assuring maintaining constant temperature and humidity conforming to requirements.

At present the metrological laboratory of Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze No. 2 in Warsaw operates in the framework of internal management and control system. It controls monitoring and measuring devices and instruments applied in production processes. Monitoring and measuring instruments applied for inspections and tests are conforming to obligatory legal requirements, are calibrated in domestic and foreign accredited laboratories and acknowledged national institutions.

The laboratory employs experienced and competent employees performing verification of measuring devices and tests in the following workshops:

  1. The Workshop of Measurements of Slip Gauges,
  2. The Workshop of Measurements of Length and Angle,
  3. The Workshop of Measurements of Pressure and Temperature,
  4. The Workshop of Measurements of Electric and Electronic Tools,
  5. The Workshop of Measurements of Force Tools and Mechanical Properties of Materials,
  6. The X-ray Defectoscopy Workshop,
  7. The Chemical Workshop.