Metrological services price list

Instruments for measuring length and angle

Watch horizontally

Lp.Name of the measuring devicePrice (PLN)
1. Inch dial gauge up to 1 “120,00
2. Inch dial gauge above 1″160,00
3.Dial gauge up to 10 mm 80,00
4.Dial gauge above 10 mm up to 25 mm110,00
5.Dial gauge above 25 mm150,00
6.Micrometer gauge80,00
7.Caliper depth gauge45,00
8.Dial thickness gauge70,00
9.Universal /optical/ Altimeter80,00
10.Steel angle bar50,00
11.Knife edgey70,00
12.Micrometer up to 25 mm60,00
13.Micrometer above 100 mm up to 500 mm100,00
14.Micrometer above 25 mm up to 100 mm70,00
15.Rigid and semi-rigid double sided rule up to 1m50,00
16.Rigid and semi-rigid single sided rule up to 1m30,00
17.Slide caliper up to 150 mm40,00
18.Slide caliper above 150 mm up to 250 mm50,00
19.Slide caliper above 250 mm up to 500 mm60,00
20.Slide caliper above 500 mm up to 1000 mmm100,00
21.Feeler gauge (1 leaf)6,00
22. Dial bore gauge up to 50 mm (set)170,00
23.Dial bore gauge above 50 mm (set)200,00
24.Micrometer bore gauge (1 piece)100,00
25.Micrometer height gauge80,00
26.Caliper height gauge up to 250 mm60,00
27.Caliper height gauge above 250 mm70,00
28.Refused calibration – verification15,00