Dog wheels

A dog wheel has a special structure that allows dogs to burn calories and use energy. They are completely safe for animals. This device was manufactured from waste material at WZL Nr 2 SA, in the Traffic Maintenance (TM) Department, as an additional volunteer task. The product was made to be handed over to and installed at the Animal Shelter in Bydgoszcz. The whole undertaking was agreed with the Managing Director of WZL Nr 2 S.A. and the Director of the Shelter.
The originator and coordinator of the project was the TM Foreman, Krzysztof Śmigiel, supported by his superiors. The structure (actually consisting of two wheels) is mounted on a common shaft based on a support. Ball bearings donated by Fin Sp. z o.o. in Kolbuszowa were used. The wheels have a diameter of 2200 mm. They are independent of each other and dogs can run in them simultaneously, with one in each wheel. The whole structure has been well made. The wheels are made of steel. Their interior (treadmill) is lined with 8 mm plywood covered with rubber to cushion the impact of paws and protect dogs against injury caused by plywood splinters. Impregnated canvas is attached to the external section, around the perimeter. The whole device is painted and preserved.
We hope that the animals in the shelter will find pleasure in running and will be happy to use the wheel.
It is obvious that dogs in shelter conditions suffer from stress due to insufficient satisfaction of their needs in connection with social contact, space and activity, including physical activity. The task of shelter staff, including volunteers, is to provide the animals with stimulation, activity and contact with humans, which is needed to maintain the emotional balance. I think that the idea of the wheel-treadmill for dogs in the Shelter in Bydgoszcz is a good addition to their activity, especially for dogs that need more physical effort and to run. It is essential that they are taught to use the wheel, enjoy