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Civil Paint Shop

Civil Aviation Paint Shop WZL Nr 2 S.A. provides painting services for civil aircraft weighing over 5700 kg. Painting is done at a modern hangar commissioned in 2016. It is designed for Class C aircraft according to ICAO (e.g. A320 or B737), or smaller. The hangar is equipped with modern heating, humidification, ventilation and lighting systems.

The highly qualified personnel use modern equipment, devices and consumables for painting, in accordance with the approvals of aircraft manufacturers. We paint fuselages, flight control surfaces and aircraft components. In addition to painting, we offer a change of graphic design, applying adhesive films in any format. The hangar is also suitable for removing coatings using a chemical or mechanical method.

The aircraft paint coating is not just colour and appearance. Its task is to protect and preserve the aircraft skin. Our services provide the best aesthetic and practical quality. We work according to the quality standards down to the finest detail, from planning to the completion of painting. Trust and partnership are the basis of Customer relationships. Together we can do more.

SAAB 340

ATR 72-212

ATR 42-500

Beechcraft King Air 350i

ATR 72-600

ATR 42-500

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Our Team:

Robert Grochowski
Base Operations Manager
tel. +48 695 894 871

Grzegorz Ksobiech
Paint Shop Manager
tel. +48 660 501 697

Anna Kistowska
Independent Technoligist
tel. +48 694 497 845