Manufacture and repair of composite elements

We manufacture and repair composite elements with the use of vacuum clamp and heating blankets. During the soaking process, parameters such as temperature, time and vacuum clamp are recorded and they can be saved on a flash disk and printed afterwards.

Control of environmental parameters during the lamination process

All production rooms are equipped with hygrometers and digital thermometers enabling continuous monitoring of environmental conditions during the lamination process, including freezers for prepeg storage. In a clean room parameters are controlled with the use of a portable particle counter Lasair III B which meets the requirements of ISO 14644-1: 2015 and ISO 21501-4. It is possible to operate the equipment and download the data remotely. Reports can be generated in a blt-in printer.

Main parameters of the process:

  • maximum soaking temperature 260°C with the use of heating blankets of different shapes and dimensions;
  • heating temperature is recorded with the use of thermocoulpes type K (10 per channel);
  • vacuum clamp is realized with the use of a vacuum pump of capacity 354 [cm3/sec] and 28 inHg (one per channel);
  • piece soaking within a range 1÷5 [°C/min], piece cooling 1÷5 [°C/min];
  • possibility of operation on two channels simultaneously.

Adam Suplicki

PBS Department Manager