Production of electric bundles

We produce electrical and radio (power, signalling, antenna, connection and measurement) bundles for use in the aviation, automotive, household appliances and telecommunications industries, as well as in control and measurement equipment. Electrical and radio bundles, equipment and cabling for energy switchgear are made of wires and connectors of all types. We produce, install and test coaxial cables, and electric and radio cable bundles using solutions widely used in the military (NO and MIL standards) civil aviation industry, as well as other industries requiring electrical wiring.

  • We use laser marking of electric wires – dedicated to aviation according to the PN-EN 4650 standard (Laselec MRO-200-A device) and other cables adapted for laser marking.

  • We use computer labelling (Tyco Electronics T208M and TE3124 printers, and BRADY BP-PR300 Plus and BBP30 printers).

  • In manufacturing bundles we use professional and dedicated tools (Schleuniger UniStrip 2550 stripping machine, PACE MBT-350 rework stations, as well as hand tools from DNC, KNIPEX, SNAP-ON, STAHLWILLE, etc.).

  • We carry out engraving of flat and round connectors according to their markings (GRAVOGRAPH IS400 mechanical engraving machine).

  • Electric bundles are tested with professional equipment used in aviation according to PN-EN 2283 and other industry standards (WEETECH W454 testing system).

  • We design and manufacture bundles also according to customer’s requirements, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2310 and AS/EN 9100.

LASELEC MRO-200-A laser wire and cable marker

Testing system

WEETECH W454 system for testing electric bundles and wires, coaxial cables, and performing simple functional circuit testing.