PGZ and Lockheed Martin Signed an Agreement on the Performance of the Offset Obligations

On 26th March 2019 on the premises of the Military Electronic Works JSC in Zielonka, the representatives of companies from the Polish Armament Group and Lockheed Martin signed the agreements on the execution of the offset first phase commitments of the WISŁA Program.

The agreement is a result of negotiations conducted between Lockheed Martin and the PGZ-WISŁA Consortium. The Polish Armament Group, by the decision of the Ministry of Defence, is the main Offsetee of the first phase of the WISŁA Program.

The agreements contain 15 offset commitments, which foremost refer to the transfer of capabilities related to manufacturing and servicing of the PAC-3 MSE missiles and launchers’ selected elements, and to improving the maintenance standards of PAF air fleet. The Polish Armament Group will also create a laboratory for missile simulation testing. The agreements consolidate the industry partnership between the Polish Armament Group and Lockheed Martin
in the scope of the supply of the cutting-edge armament for the Polish Armed Forces.

“We are showing today that the Polish Armament Group is absolutely ready for the offset absorption. The agreement with Lockheed Martin opens up another phase for the WISŁA program performance. PGZ is acquiring competencies enabling the implementation of the most technologically advanced solutions, which are developing the potential of the Polish defence industry. Today’s event proves that the result of professional and good faith business talks is the agreement to the satisfaction of both parties” said Witold Słowik, the President of the Polish Armament Group.

The offset commitments declared by Lockheed Martin are to be executed with the participation of 5 out of 14 companies being a part of the WISŁA Consortium:

  • Polish Armament Group S.A.,
  • Military Electronic Works S.A.,
  • Military Armament Works S.A.,
  • Military Aviation Works No. 1 S.A., the department in Dęblin,
  • Military Aviation Works No. 2 S.A.

“We are honoured to be here today to meet the commitments and timeframes declared to the Ministry of Defence by signing the implementation agreements with the Polish armament industry” said Jay Pitman, the Vice-President on PAC-3 for Lockheed Martin. “We have created a solid partnership with PGZ and its companies and we are ready to execute the offset project of the WISŁA Program. These agreements are beneficial to both parties and will create new opportunities for all of our companies.”

The purpose of the WISŁA Program is to acquire the antiaircraft sets and medium range antimissile sets with the network-centric control system. In the first phase of the program, Poland will obtain
2 batteries (16 launchers) of the Patriot system – IBCS with the PAC-3 MSE missiles.