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Conventional anodizing

Anodizing is the process of oxidation of the surface of aluminium and its alloys in a sulfuric acid. During this process, the incoming electricity forms a layer of oxides at the interface of the solution – part phase. The resulting coating is durable and provides good protection against corrosion. The coating can be easily coloured, which increases its decorative value.
The process meets the following standards: MIL-A-8625F, PN EN 2536, PN EN ISO 7599, PN EN 2284, AMS 2471, AMS 2472.

Information for Customers:

When ordering conventional anodizing service, please specify:

  1. Alloy from which the pieces are made
  2. Alloy hardening
  3. Coating thickness
  4. Indication of electrical contact
  5. Technical drawing



If the type of alloy is specified incorrectly, the pieces may be damaged.
Maximum dimensions of parts: 1900[mm] x 550[mm] x 700[mm]