Transport containers

We design and manufacture containers for the storage and transport of:

Aircraft engines:

  • TW2-117A
  • TW3-117MT

Main gearboxes:

  • WR-8
  • WR-14
  • WR-24

Tactical and technical data:

  • resistance to low-frequency vibrations
  • waterproofness
  • resistance to temperatures from -40°C to + 70°C

We guarantee compliance with the following standards:

  • STANAG 2828
  • STANAG 2829MH
  • STANAG 4062MH
  • STANAG 4281PCS
  • ISO 668-seria 1

We provide external and internal painting in RAL 6006 with a matte finish.


WZL Nr 2 S.A. can carry out a complete production cycle: from design to production of any container / container box / storage box according to needs or specifications.