Night at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw 2023

On October 6, the Night took place at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw. As part of the exhibition WZL No. 2 S.A. we presented three Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, not only for military purposes, such as SAK DragonFly, but also from the INNOLOT family of UAV platforms for patrol, reconnaissance, as well as research and photogrammetric purposes (the platform is equipped with a proprietary image navigation system enabling movement in difficult-to-reach areas) .


Thank you for your great interest in our drones. Our stand was visited not only by military drone enthusiasts who knew perfectly well what a “kamikaze” drone is, but also by fathers and sons or entire families to see with their own eyes what military unmanned aerial vehicles look like and what they are used for.


Most questions were about the Dragonfly Loitering Munitions System, what it is for, whether it is Polish production, what its range is and what its destructive power is.


See you at other, equally interesting events!